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  • About 25 million tonnes of wheat is produced in Australia each year which accounts for 3–4% of world wheat production and 10–15% of global wheat exports. About 65–75% of Australia’s total wheat production is exported each year.(Source; AEGIC website, 2019)
  • In 2018 Australian wheat exports were worth more than $4 billion (Source; DFAT). All Australian states produce wheatand WA produces the most with around 9 million tonnes annually.
  • Wheat is the major grain crop produced in Western Australia making up 65% of annual grain production and generating A$2-3 billion for the State economy each year. Wheat production occurs across the WA wheatbelt on 4200 mostly family-run farms ranging in size from 1000-15 000 hectares. (Source; WA Dept Ag, 2019)
  • WA generates about 50% of Australia’s total wheat production with more than 95% of this exported predominantly to Asia and the Middle East. WA produces white grained wheat varieties that produce high flour milling yield and a white flour that is suitable for a range of products.(Source; WA Dept Ag 2019)