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Tin – Weekly Chart
Tin – Yearly Chart

About Tin

  • The world’s economic resources of tin total approximately seven million tonnes, of which Australia has approximately 1.3%.(AusGovt; Geoscience Australia, Website 2019)
  • More than 85% of Australia’s economic tin resources are located at the Renison Bell deposit in Tasmania,(AusGovt; GA website, 2019)
  • Tin mining has had a long history in Australia. Important historic and more recent mining centres/deposits include Ardlethan and the Emmaville region (NSW), Cleveland and Mt Bischoff (Tas), Moolyella WA), and the Herberton/Mount Garnet and Cooktown/Collingwood districts (Qld).(AusGovt; GA website, 2019)
  • Australian Tin exports were worth $3,279,000 in 2017/18(Source; DFAT, 2018)