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Sugar – Weekly Chart
Sugar – Yearly Chart

About Sugar

  • In 2015–16, Australian sugar exports were worth $1.922 billion
  • In 2015–16, the national production of sugar cane for crushing reached 34 million tonnes.(Source; Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts, NFF, 2017)
  • Australia’s sugar mills are found along eastern coastline, from Mossman in far north Queensland to Grafton in northern New South Wales.
  • Mills purchase around 380,000 hectares of sugarcane – or 35 million tonnes of cane – from over 4000 farms each year. (Source; Australian Sugar Milling Council website, 2019)
  • Mills make around 4.5 million tonnes of raw sugar each year(Source; ASMC website, 2019)
  • 95% of Australia’s raw sugar is produced in Queensland, and Up to 85% of the total raw sugar produced is exported, primarily to South Korea, Indonesia and Japan generating up to $2 billion in export earnings. (Source; ASMC website, 2019)