$750 (c/kg cwt)
Lamb ESTLI – Weekly Chart
Lamb ESTLI – Yearly Chart

About Lamb ESTLI

Eastern States Trade Lamb Indicator is a seven-day weighted average price of trade lamb prices recorded at NLRS-reported saleyards in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Price is expressed in cents per kg (carcase weight)

  • The lamb industry makes an important contribution to the Australian economy. In 2016–17 it accounted for around 6 per cent ($3.6 billion) of the gross value of agricultural production and around 4 per cent ($1.9 billion) of agricultural export income.(Source; Dept of Agriculture website, 2019)
  • In 2017, Australia produces 8% of the world’s sheepmeat supply, exporting 56% of its lamb and 95% of its mutton to countries around the world. The sheepmeat industry is worth about $5.23 billion to the Australian economy each year.(Source; Sheep Producers Australia website, 2019)
  • The Australian sheep flock was 72.1 million head at 30 June 2017(Source; Meat & Livestock Australia, Fast Facts, 2018)
  • In 2017–18, Australia produced almost 532,000 tonnes carcase weight (cwt) of lamb and 204,000 tonnes cwt of mutton.(Source; MLA, Fast Facts, 2018)
  • The gross value of Australian lamb and mutton production (including live exports) in 2017–18 was estimated at $4.3 billion. (Source; MLA, Fast Facts, 2018)
  • Australia accounted for around 6% of the global sheep flock, and 7% of global sheepmeat production in 2016.(Source; MLA, Fast Facts, 2018)
  • Australia was the largest exporter of sheepmeat in the world in 2017. (Source; MLA, Fast Facts, 2018).