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Canola – Weekly Chart
Canola – Yearly Chart

About Canola

  • Australia usually produces between 2 to 3 million tonnes of oilseed crops each year, with canola and cottonseed accounting for over 90 per cent of total oilseed production
  • Canola production is now the largest oilseed crop representing wellover half of Australian oilseed production over the past 5 years. (Australian Oilseeds Industry website, 2019)
  • WA is the dominant Australian state for canola production, accounting for nearly 50% of the nation’s five year average production of 3.6 million tonnes.(Source; DPIRD website, 2019)
  • Australia exported 2.25 million tonnes of canola oil seeds in 2017/18(Aus Oil Seeds Industry Website, 2019)